Dec 02 2010

About Chef Ryan

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Ryan Bergeron:

Born in 2000 Ryan is already a talented chef.  He has an appreciation and understanding of food that is well beyond his years.  He comes up with original food ideas and is able to discuss food with adults often to their amazement, and sometime surpassing their own understanding of food.  Ryan does his part in the kitchen on a daily basis, and takes the lead two or three nights each week.

But there’s a lot more to Ryan then just the kitchen.  He is also a talented athlete and has a great interest in art.  Ryan has a passion for the outdoors, for exploring, and for travel.  Any excuse to ride the train into the city or to wonder around a city.  Especially if there’s a restaurant or a toy store in the trip!  And with his love for nature (including the traditional finding bugs, lizards, snakes, and frogs) he’ll take any chance to get outside!

Ryan is also quite the ladies man, he’s very good at collecting phone numbers from a wide variety of girls, and usually has several claiming to be his girlfriend at any given time.

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